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The Hunts Point Fish Parade & Arts Festival

June 15, noon4 pm.

The Fish Parade & Arts Festival is an annual procession through Hunts Point connecting the community to the Bronx River. Like shoaling fish, the community marches together in a family-friendly, vibrant celebration. The parade’s vibe combines activism, joy, and community building. Participants often use banners, costumes, and puppets representing marine life. The parade culminates in an arts festival featuring live music, dancing, and art-making. The event is also a platform for Bronx residents and organizations to raise awareness about environmental issues and to advocate for environmental justice.

This year’s theme is Rebirth: Intergenerational Collaboration to a New Beginning. “In every ending, there is a new beginning waiting to be embraced.”


940 Garrison Ave.
Bronx, NY 10474 United States